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ArtiosCAD Preflight:
Quality control for your structural designs

ArtiosCAD Preflight analyzes your structural designs and flags all quality issues.

  • Faster design times: up to 15%
  • Consistent design quality
  • Quality control at the click of a button
  • Improve die press throughput
ArtiosCAD: Unrivaled in structural packaging design
ArtiosCAD Preflight: profile settings

Structural design decisions can often cause die cutting inefficiencies. These decisions can turn out to be costly.

ArtiosCAD Preflight (a module for ArtiosCAD) helps you create an optimal structural design which reduces your setup time and boosts die press speeds.

This patent-pending technology alerts packaging designers of potential production issues in their structural designs before the design is released to estimating or production.

Graphic Packaging International


We’ve been running ArtiosCAD Preflight before a design goes to manufacturing. Some of the checks that have been found have allowed us to save at least 10 minutes per design. Depending on how many designs we’re doing in a day that can really add up to a big-time savings.

Elizaveta Roberts. , Tactical & Manufacturing Design Sr. Manager, Graphic Packaging International