New in WebCenter - Esko

Dashboard Functionality

Complete work faster with a powerful and intuitive user interface.

  • Increase the speed of creating and editing styles with Global Dashboard Styling. Designers can set detailed styling schemes, which all visual components will adhere to, and control all components from one place.
  • Provide a firmer focus for your teams with a to-do list function, which allows users to filter and sort tasks.
WebCenter: preconfigured or bespoke

Introducing Automated Packshots

See your designs as they'll look on the shelves – with Automated Packshots. Generate photorealistic product images using the structural design, artwork and specifications you've created in WebCenter. 

  • Create realistic packaging directly in easy-to-use design and 3D tools
  • Export perfectly rendered packshots for e-commerce and social media
  • Add value for your clients by eliminating the need for them to outsource product photography
  • Easily add packshot creation as an automatic process step in your workflow.

Working with WebCenter

  • Using your approved artwork, labels and specifications - produce photorealistic packshots via computer generated imagery (CGI).
  • Easily add packshot creation as an automatic process step in your workflow,  saving time and boosting productivity within your teams. The packshots can be pre-set to generate the required views based on GS1 standards and varying e-commerce requirements.
  • Eliminate the need for physical mockups – you can now view products interactively in 3D.

Simplified Deployment

Enhanced deployment support makes installations and upgrades to newer WebCenter versions easier than ever.

  • Compare settings between two environments to ensure deployment is consistent and correct across sites
  • Resolve unforeseen errors speedily with the hot fix installer, minimizing impact and disruption across your business

Unleash the power of BI 

Gain new levels of visibility for all users and user groups with simplified reporting dashboard views and reports which enable you to: 

  • Always know the status of each job
  • Quickly detect risks and identify bottlenecks
  • Easily analyze data, optimize processes and improve on-time delivery with powerful KPI reporting and analysis tools

Improve your approval cycles with greater flexibility

Give your users a more responsive solution that meets customer expectations

  • Speed up the sign-off process and reduce stop-start cycles with the ability to edit live approval cycles. 
  • See a clear picture of all your personal and team approval tasks and their due dates, with enhanced task dashboard views. 

3D Assembly Enhancements

With our new 3D enhancements users are able to model and create improved visualizations of the final product.

As a result, design flaws can be picked up faster and in turn enable a faster artworking process, that helps to avoid costly mistakes, and enables your teams to work more efficiently.