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New in WebCenter 20

Packaging management was never this easy or straightforward

  • Improved user experience reduces the need for training.
  • Users find their way in an intuitive way.
  • External approvals can be done two times faster or more.
WebCenter: preconfigured or bespoke

Improved usability
for occasional users

WebCenter 20 offers dashboards that can be edited. Users can change certain properties of a task in the dashboard (who is it assigned to, due dates, upload new documents…).

The new dashboards take away a lot of the complexities and make WebCenter easy to work with for occasional users.

Simplification of
Project Request

  • WebCenter 20 makes it so much easier to create projects. Using "Drop Zones" the user can simply drag and drop multiple files to initiate projects, in a few simple clicks the project is ready to be submitted.
  • Task driven processes allow users to check all uploaded files and projects before committing them into the users MIS of choice.

Forward approval to
non-registered users

WebCenter 20 allows users to forward a viewing link or approval to another user or email address. This person does not need to be a registered WebCenter user. Access will be granted immediately, and the user can view or approve right away.

Adobe task plugin

Users can view (and complete) all the WebCenter tasks that are assigned to them in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

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