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Fastest single head optics on the market: Optics 100V2

The Optics 100v2 offer 25% increase of productivity for corrugated plate imaging!

  • Increase productivity by 1 full size plate per hour
  • Double your productivity on partial plates
  • Reduce cost of operation by 20%
CDI Crystal: The easiest way to produce flexo plates

The Optics 100v2 is the latest in a long line of optical developments for flexography.

The Optics 100v2 is the fastest single head imager on the market. It’s exclusive to the CDI Crystal and CDI Spark platform for CDI Spark & Crystal 5080, 4260, 4835. You always get the optimal speed based on your application.

25% increase in productivity

25% increase in productivity

The Optics 100v2 offer a new imaging setup which increases the productivity by 25% on corrugated plate imaging!

  • Reduced cost of operation by 20%
  • 1 full 5080 sheet more per hour
  • 8 additional 5080 sheets per shift
  • Reduced drum rotation speed
    • Reduced vibration
    • Improving thick plate imaging

Almost double speed on partial plates

The Optics 100v2 offer a new imaging setup which enables to double the speed on partial plates!

The reduced drum rotation leads to

  • No more plate fly off
  • Significantly faster imaging on thick partial plates
  • Operator can prepare next plate, while waiting
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