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Next generation Color Preflight

Color accuracy and consistency is a key concern for brands, print buyers & converters – so it’s vital that you can deliver this, regardless of run length or substrate. With next generation Color Preflight, you can.

  • Avoid the production of unsellable materials due to color defect
  • Achieve accuracy on press
  • Simplify your editing process
  • Eliminate manual color matching and speed up your entire workflow
  • Check not only solid colors, but the individual design itself
  • See advanced, detailed reporting

New in prepress editor ArtPro+

ArtPro+ comes packed with new functionality!

  • Double your throughput by automating clean-up, trapping & web layout
  • Workflow creation & admin are now simpler than ever
  • Difficult tasks (trapping and plate-cut path creation) can now be handled by anyone: save 70% of operator time
New in prepress editor ArtPro+ 20

Native PDF in ArtPro+

ArtPro+ opens any classic ArtPro file or normalized PDF file
and turns it into native PDF.

Native PDF in ArtPro+

A new trapping engine

Manually trapping packaging artwork can take hours and requires highly skilled professionals.

The new trapper in ArtPro+ 21 handles highly complex packaging designs. ArtPro+ can trap files fully automatically. Exceptions can be saved and will be used after a change is made to the file, so there’s no need to retrap the whole file.

  • Trap jobs 80% faster!
  • Fully automated trapping
  • Fully customizable

Plate cut

The optimal shape to cut a flexo plate is largely defined by the graphic content of each separation. Each job needs to be addressed individually.

In ArtPro+ 20, the creation of cutting paths is a one-click operation saving up to 30 mins preparation per layout!

New: Plate ID
Digitize and simplify plate identification

Digitize and simplify your plate identification process in combination with Esko Flexo Engine, to make keeping track of every plate easier than ever. Simply convert graphics into Plate ID objects to use as a non-printed marking.

  • Easily automate the content and placement of your Plate ID information
  • Use the mark interactively or within your Automation Engine workflow
  • Avoid unintentionally printing ID content – with unique PDF ISO 19593-1 processing steps

20 ways to eliminate prepress errors with ArtPro+

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