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New in WebCenter

Users can benefit from new enhancements and intuitive design features that optimize UX and productivity across the workflow

  • Usability improvements with simpler views and more integration to supporting applications.
  • Intelligent data management tools help to streamline timely processes.
  • Smart reporting features in the form of personalized dashboard widgets provide simpler daily task management and support collaborative working.
WebCenter: preconfigured or bespoke

Improved UX

An enhanced social media inspired user interface makes WebCenter even easier to use

  • An enhanced ‘drop zone’ provides easier and quicker lift and shift options for document uploads.
  • Personalized dashboard widgets summarize all tasks and approvals, so each user has more visibility on their tasks and jobs.

Better approval cycles with greater flexibility

Users can enjoy a more responsive solution that meets customer expectations

  • With the ability to edit live approval cycles you should no longer stop and restart an approval cycle, meaning that you can quicken the sign off process.
  • Enhanced task dashboard views provide a clear picture of all your personal and team approval tasks and when they need to be completed, with a focus to self-serve even more.

3D Assembly Enhancements

With our new 3D enhancements users are able to model and create improved visualizations of the final product.

As a result, design flaws can be picked up faster and in turn enable a faster artworking process, that helps to avoid costly mistakes, and enables your teams to work more efficiently.

More integration and
Reporting Tools

We are continuing to build out our integration capabilities, with the aim of providing a seamless connection to existing infrastructure (MIS, ERP…) and supporting work tools, together with enhanced dashboard views.

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