Explore SpectraLab XF

Effectively measure in run time and make ready, and ensure you print to color targets and meet brand expectations – it's simple with our new inline spectral measurement solution, SpectraLabXF.

  • Save time in setup - with inline color measurement during make-ready and X-Rite Ink Formulation connectivity.
  • Maximize operator efficiency and reduce workload – get suggested color improvements from SpectraLab BestMatch and save time by eliminating manual scanning of each colour patch with inline automated measurement
  • Make spectral measurements ultra speedy – measure a complete vertical color bar in a single repeat, with hundreds of measurements per color in every roll

Explore SpectraLab XF

Measure color targets and in-image colors 100 times faster than before, with higher frequency and many more measurements per printed roll – with SpectraLab XF, based on a new X-Rite sensor with XRGA compliance to offline measurements . You can also measure color patches as small as 4mm and measure a complete vertical color bar in a single repeat. 

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