Waste less with Solvent Saver

With raw materials at an all-time high, and the pressure for all businesses to become more sustainable, reducing waste should be a top priority. Put simply, if you aren’t using the entire plate, there’s no need to cover the whole surface with solvent. And this is where Solvent Saver comes in.

  • Reduce solvent wastage from 20% to 10% on average – and save up to 7500 liters of solvent per year*
  • Protect your margins by lowering costs, and enhance plate quality

*When using 5000㎡ of thick plates


Whether you’re purchasing solvent by the barrel, or distilling your own – wasting less of it has a multitude of cost-lowering, quality-boosting benefits:

  • Save on the cost of deliveries of solvent, or energy costs for distilling
  • Spend less time and effort on processor maintenance
  • Enhance your plate quality, with less solvent marks on the surface, increased plate consistency, and better highlight reproduction due to less washing
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