Robotic plate transport from the CDI Crystal
to the XPS Crystal

The PlateHandler is a robot that connects the CDI Crystal with the XPS Crystal.

PlateHandler reduces the number of operator touchpoints!

PlateHandler: Connecting the CDI Crystal with the XPS Crystal
Benefits of the PlateHandler

Benefits of the PlateHandler

  • Cost reduction
    The Esko PlateHandler reduces the costs of operation. Integrating the flexo plate making equipment frees up 50% of your operator time to attend other and more valuable tasks (e.g. quality control, plate storage or plate mounting).
  • Elimination of a lot of manual workflow steps
    A reduction of human errors. In a plate room, the operator manages multiple devices which requires manual time and opens the door to errors.
  • Simplification
    Plate making becomes easier, quicker, safer. The PlateHandler is always ready to automate your plate making process.
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