Boost efficiency with PlateFeeder-S

Boost your flexo platemaking efficiency by bringing further automation to your plate room with the PlateFeeder-S. Use the PlateFeeder-S’ built-in sensors to accurately load and position your plate into the CDI, feeding the PlateHandler to deliver fully automated, distortion-free plate transportation for full-size plates.

  • Avoid errors and plate wastage: built in sensors ensure accurate plate loading into the CDI
  • Free up operator time: PlateFeeder-S is visible on the CDI touch screen and integrated into your automated workflow.
  • Reduce machine idle time: Eliminate 100% of the plate loading idle time on the CDI Crystal XPS
  • Combine and automate to increase productivity: combine the PlateFeeder-S with the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS and PlateHandler for complete platemaking automation
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