New version of Imaging Engine increases quality
with fine line rendering

The Adobe PDF Print Engine is part of the Esko Imaging Engine.

Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.5 supports fine line rendering which increases quality on

  • Small text in certain fonts (e.g. serifs) when converted to outlines (especially Asian glyphs)
  • Fine art details
  • Technical assets (barcodes, security elements like guilloches)
Fine line rendering


With the new Fine Line Rendering feature in Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.5, printers who migrate to Imaging Engine 20.1 will benefit from the latest Adobe rendering technology, while maintaining the look and feel of FlexRIP output. This is especially critical for barcodes, security printing and small point size text which has been outlined.

Naveen Goel, GM & Senior Director of Products, Adobe


Fine line rendering is part of the newest version of the Imaging Engine. Customers under a Software Care Plan can update free of charge. Roll out of Imaging Engine 20.1 release to customers globally starts on November 21, 2020.

Customers who are still working with the FlexRip can contact Esko to explore our programs to upgrade from FlexRip to Imaging Engine.

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