New: CDI Crystal XPS 4260 - Esko

Reduce manual steps by 50%
with CDI Crystal 4260 XPS

Want to deliver more automation to your plate room, reduce manual steps by 50%, decrease errors and enhance quality? It’s all possible with the new Esko platemaking solution, CDI Crystal 4260 XPS.

  • Reduce training needs and increase operator efficiency: The ease of use frees up operator time, reducing it by up to 73%
  • Increase consistency: get previously unattained, repeatable, consistent plate quality - day after day
  • Reduce manual steps by 50%: opt for this coordinated and linear process and cut out multiple manual steps
  • Combine and automate to increase productivity: combine the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS with the PlateHandler and PlateFeeder-S for complete platemaking automation, and increase your plate making productivity by up to 15%