Inspection Solutions for Digital Printing - Esko

Dedicated automatic inspection

The Helios D is a dedicated 100% automatic inspection solution for Labels & Narrow Web Digital Printing. The system automatically inspects printed labels and packages for inkjet defect like nozzle streaks together with other printed defects and imperfections. While securing inkjet quality, digital short runs and variable data printing the Helios D ensures exceptional quality results and eliminates customer rejections.

Helios: Label & Narrow Web Print Inspection

Customized press control for inkjet presses

The Jet-IQ press control is a customized press control solution for inkjet presses. Working in synergy with the digital press to allow a smooth printing process, eliminating missing/deviated nozzles and ensuring density uniformity across different printheads and color registration. The Jet-IQ press control can be upgraded to a comprehensive solution providing a full defect detection systems.

On the fly re-print

A partner of HP, The AVT Apollo 20K provides quality results in real time to support on demand, on the fly re-print designed to achieve online quality assurance and process control. The Apollo 20K is seamlessly integrated into the HP Indigo 20K Press rewind section, supporting inspection of any material, surface or reverse print.

AVT Apollo 20K
Jet-Pro nozzle detection

Jet-Pro nozzle detection is an essential step in inkjet printing.

The AVT Jet-Pro innovative real-time feature, allows for auto detection of missing nozzles from a printed image, in real time with no printed patters in between.

  • A dedicated solution designed to identify the unique inkjet defects
  • Tailored for digital, the solution supports the true value of digital printing – print on demand, variable data, multi-product, high-mix and low-volume production
  • Effectively reduces waste, enhances production performance and need for re-prints