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VariAngle Tool:
V-notch cutting redefined

V-notch cutting with different angles without operator intervention.

The new and unique VariAngle tool is a V-notch cutting tool that cuts at any angle between 0° and 60°.

  • V-notch cutting with different angles no longer needs operator intervention. It’s a huge time saver.
  • Unlocks new creative potential for designers of POP displays.
  • Minimized operator handling eliminates safety issues.
VariAngle Tool: V-notch cutting redefined

No need to switch tools:
huge time saver!

The VariAngle is a unique tool only offered by Esko. It automatically changes the cutting angle of the knife in increments of 0,5 degrees. The cutting lines can be defined in the structural design file or directly in iPC, the Kongsberg table’s front-end software.

With conventional V-notch solutions, you have to either stop the production to change tools or blade angle. The new VariAngle lets you run the cutting table without the need of interventions during the production.

This increases the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by at least 25% and eliminates the need for the operator to handle sharp cutting blades.

No need of interventions during production
Materials & angles

Materials & angles

The VariAngle tool works with fluted core board, honeycomb board, soft foam board and triple wall corrugated. It can straight cut materials with a thickness up to 30mm and V-notch up to 20mm (60-degree V-notch up to 16mm).

Supported by ArtiosCAD: unlocking new designs!

ArtiosCAD 20 supports a generic V-notch line type where V-notch cut, or V-notch crease angles can be defined between 0° and 60°. degrees. The angle definitions are supported and transferred to all Esko software (Studio, iPC).

This gives designers of POP displays and packaging new possibilities to design.

Supported by ArtiosCAD: unlocking new designs!

Interested in this tool?

Requirements: the VariAngle Tool needs iPC 2.4 or higher and can be used on Kongsberg C and Kongsberg XP machines (not on the Kongsberg XP Auto).

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