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Increase print quality on recycled corrugated material

Corrugated converters and their flexo plate suppliers can now enjoy the triple benefits of

  • quicker plate production
  • improved graphic performance
  • reduced costs

Increased quality on recycled board substrates

Costs dictate that recycled low weight kraft liners are becoming the norm for postprint corrugated.

The board liners are decreasing in weight and the recycled content is increasing. This gives rise to specific print problems. The recycled fibers (plastic) repel ink and corrugated fluting marks become visible.

Print Control Wizard offers a solution.

Save costs by reducing pigment in ink

Print Control Wizard is enabling our customers to save up to 20% on ink formulation. More precision on each job enabling less rework or waste.

92 Red (reformulation example) Standard With PCW
Compound A 16.00 9.44
Opaque 30.00 30.00
Violet Base 40.00 27.78
Rubine Base 40.00 2.78
Formula Cost KG 2.51 2.04
Usage in KG per annum 6459 6459
Cost saving per annum

Increase quality for corrugated packaging with the new HQPP Crystal screen

  • Unlock the full 10m2/hr imaging speed of the latest CDIs with no Pixel+, by imaging at 2540dpi
  • Work with the latest standard press conditions with these new screens, to increase print quality for corrugated packaging

Round Fogra Dot

The most used screen for Corrugated Post Print
Printing 17% minimum printed Dot
Used as a low-cost option by many global plate suppliers

Print Control Wizard

The latest screening from Esko
Printing 3% minimum printed dot
The dot is stable and looks smooth on press , enabling
the move from pre-print to post print


  • Crystal XPS exposure
  • 2.84mm / 112” plate
  • Press: Bobst 160
  • Anilox: 700lpi/3.2bcm
  • Ink: Water Based Cyan
  • Substrate: E-Flute Kemi


Interestingly, we’ve even had feedback from brands that they are perceiving an improvement in graphics quality and impact, even on low grammage uncoated liners for shelf ready packaging.

Nick Mitchell, General Manager, Contact Originators on using Print Control Wizard for corrugated 

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Printing on recycled corrugated material made easy. Discover yourself how Print Control Wizard for Corrugated increases print quality on recycled corrugated material and reduces ink costs.