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The DualHD tool head & the CorruSpeed tool:
A power combo for corrugated cutting

Cut, crease and perforate corrugated jobs with die-like quality, at high speeds, without the need to change tools!

CorruSpeed: High speed cutting of corrugated materials
Dual Heavy Duty Unit

The Dual Heavy Duty Unit

Cut, crease and perforate a single job without the need to change tools.

  • No manual operator intervention for tool changes
  • Unique 50kg crease wheel downforce
  • Best in class crease quality, even on materials with a high recycled material content
  • Combined with the CorruSpeed Tool, operators can cut with die-cut like quality, at full machine speed (100 m/min)
  • High speed perforation (100 m/min)

High speed cutting of corrugated materials

CorruSpeed is a Kongsberg tool designed specifically for high-speed digital finishing of corrugated board without oscillating.

  • The crushing effect of conventional die cutting
  • Cleaner, more accurate cuts without burrs
  • Even at the highest speeds
  • Cuts a wide variety of corrugated board types up to 7mm double wall BC flutes
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