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New: Cape Pack
Palletization, solved!

Cape Pack in the cloud. Delivering next generation, end-to-end palletization workflows in the Cloud. The solution incorporates the features that have made Cape Pack the essential choice for palletizing software whilst enabling you to benefit from new cloud-technology.

  • Maximize pallet loading and improve space utilization
  • Create a sustainable packaging supply chain
  • Cut transportation costs
  • Reduce the number of trucks on the streets
New cloud features

New cloud features

Cape Pack is a modular suite of palletization software to help determine the best product size, case count, product arrangement, case size, pallet and container load.

Cape Pack Cloud makes it very easy to upload designs for folding cartons, cases and pallets. The pallet software supports cartons, cylinders and trapezoids as well as trays and bundles.

New cloud features include powerful reporting (easy to create, save and share), new corrugated compression strength analysis, load formatting and online pallet layer editing.