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Consumer Insights
in Store Visualizer

Consumer Insights: understand your ideal consumer with

  • eye-tracking
  • heat maps
  • visual behavior analysis
Custom Environment
  • Patented print modeling: test specialty substrates and finishing used in packaging (Example: Holograms)
  • Data collection via multiple methodologies:
    • Shopping experience, with or without VR
    • Eye tracking, either traditional or in VR
  • Integrates seamlessly with packaging development workflows – use the assets that you already have
consumer insights benefit

With Consumer Insights, you can bring your consumer research and testing in-house, saving your research team time and money.

Create or upload a planogram in Esko Store Visualizer to create any 3D virtual store. Display your product packaging, in-store displays, and end caps.

Place the VR headset on consumers to see first-hand what their eyes see on the store-shelf and let them go on a shopping spree to understand their in-store behavior better.

Use eye-tracking heat maps and behavioral data to determine changes for your packaging design and marketing, such as in-store displays, bullnose, and end caps.