New Automation Engine SaaS

Workflow automation. Simplified with SaaS

With our new browser-based SaaS solution, you really can plug in and go

  • Centralize resources (personnel, software and hardware) enabling you to standardize processes and deliver significant cost and time savings.
  • Centrally managed upgrades, with fast deployment - reducing IT overheads and accelerating time to ROI.
  • Ability to quickly flex up or down to meet changing customer requirements, and accommodate future business needs.

VDP Enhancements

Meet customer requirements with enhanced Dynamic Variable Data Printing tools

  • Extended support for VDP templates created in ArtPro+ with PDF+ VDP templates for Roll Fed labels, and the Expand Dynamic VDP function supporting both templates from DeskPack and PDF+ templates from ArtPro+
  •  Support for Step & Repeat CAD with new capability to create CAD-based VDP templates in ArtPro+ and extend it by Expand Dynamic VDP data for Step and Repeat tasks

Alleviate the IT burden and reduce overheads

Reduces the need for IT hardware servicing and maintenance with IT on-demand

  • Business continuity – our SaaS back-up capabilities ensure quick and safe data recovery, minimizing any downtime and loss of productivity. All backed by a >99.5% uptime SLA.
  • Service delivered on demand – Simply pay for what you use. Esko handles all of the IT.

Centralize and Standardize your operations

Model, manage and automate processes across your entire organization

  • Connect to your business data anytime, anywhere - data is no longer stored on site, it is everywhere you are and accessible from your device. With the ability to communicate and share jobs easily, across sites
  • Create consistent and predictable outcomes regardless of production location.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Enjoy the new MyWorkSpace tool – users love the uncomplicated, simple design, which ensures quick adoption and a greater user experience for all.
  • Designed for collaboration - Operating from one central database, teams (and customers) are able to communicate, share and collaborate on jobs easily, across sites.
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